Why have a loft conversion – what you need to know

Why have a loft conversion?

Is your home bursting at the seams and you need more space to live in?

Are your kids under your feet and you just can’t focus on work at home?

More and more people these days are opting for a loft conversion to create extra living space instead of having an extension. They aren’t moving away or outwards, they are moving upwards and for a reasonable cost with a return on investment.

Is the thought of moving house daunting for you? Potentially taking your loved ones away from their home, school, family and friends. Are you working from home and you just can’t get away from the noisy, cluttered area where you are trying to run your business?

Those are just two of many reasons why you should consider a loft conversion rather than moving home or having to consume more of your garden area with an extension.

A loft conversion can potentially add 20% to the selling value of your property, a conversion gives you extra living space and added value at an affordable price.


  • Creating space for a growing family
  • The need to work from home and have an office space
  • To have a guest room with en-suite
  • The desire for a hobby room
  • To give teenagers that bit of extra independence and space
  • To create an extra bathroom
  • Create a storage area

Our customers come to us hoping we can solve their problem, they simply don’t have enough living space in their homes. Quite often it’s the classic case of the ‘growing family’, the teenagers want their own space away from their seemingly annoying younger siblings. Homeowners sometimes want an extra bedroom or bathroom whilst professionals need a study so they can work from home.

Your mental well-being…

We are all different, some people like to live in the peace and quiet of the countryside and others like the hustle and bustle of a town or city. We all thrive in different living environments but it’s a known fact that having friends and family close by who can offer a supportive structure helps a person’s well-being, moving away from those people can be difficult. However, if you are outgrowing your home, something needs to happen. A loft conversion is a perfect answer to needing more living space. If you move away, there’s always the unknown, could you end up having nightmare new neighbours and different schools that your children won’t like? Being in a living environment that doesn’t allow you to unwind can take a toll on your health.

Making a list about what you need and want with regards to your living space is a good idea and then look at your options. The procedure you go through to have a loft conversion would start by seeing if it was a viable project, followed by:

  • Getting planning permission if the conversion is over a specific size or in a conservation area
  • Agreeing on a budget
  • Reinforcing the floor and plaster boarding the walls
  • Installing electrics, lighting, heating, water and waste if required. Obviously, if there isn’t a bathroom involved then there wouldn’t be a need for water or waste facilities
  • Having skylights, windows, doors or maybe a balcony installed
  • Partitioning of the area
  • Adding stairs
  • Decorating and all the finishing touches

Those are a few of the major things and there would be other aspects to think about too. We can explain that when you contact us.

Make sure you do your research before you start a major project and it’s advisable to use a loft conversion company that can deal with everything rather than trying to coordinate between different companies.

Are you ready for a loft conversion but need help with design ideas and interior design?

Check out these magazines for some great ideas:

Having a loft conversion could be what you need to get balance and harmony back into your life. Being smart up top and getting the best from your home is a great way to make sure your home is your happy place.

If you have any questions about our services, contact us today.